Support sites and ticketing

SharedInbox allows you create a support site where users can:

  • See all their support requests
  • View each request and response thread
  • Make a new request or reply to an open request
  • Mark requests as resolved (or not)

How it works

  • A user sends an email to your SharedInbox connected email and it gets delivered to your selected Slack channel.
  • Once you click Reply and you get a compose box with an option to Convert to ticket.
  • Choosing to convert to a ticket will create a link that will be attached to the email. The link will be in the form [your-team-domain][some numbers].
  • The user gets the mail and can then reply directly from the email or from the link.
  • A user can also send a request directly from the support site ([your-team-domain] This will send the request directly to your selected Slack channel.
  • Replies to messages that come directly from the support site will not have the Convert to ticket... option as they are already support requests.
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